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Tree Surgery

MCS boasts a team of specialist Tree Surgery, with extensive knowledge of tree species, 

placement and care. Our tree surgeons are experts in the identification of tree and common plant diseases, and management techniques as to how to address and/or avoid such issues. 

There are many mandatory legislative requirements of site owners, and potentially steep fines for non-compliance. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation and/or quote. 


Tree Surgery


Materials Repurposing


Tree Clearance

Forestry Services

Our forestry services include:

  • Woodland creation 

  • Felling & thinning operations

  • Hedge laying

  • Plantation management

  • Harvesting & timber extraction

  • Mulching

  • Sump grinding 

  • Chemical spraying

  • Vegetation clearance

  • Access roads creation and maintenance 

  • Drainage 

  • Brash raking

  • Hinge mounding

  • Arboriculture

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