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Forestry Contracting 

MCS are highly experienced, fully qualified and equipped to offer a wide range of forestry contracting services. Our services range from all aspects of Woodland creation and plantation management to full scale harvesting and extraction operations. We also offer solutions for working on steep slopes and inclines.


Tree Surgery


Timber Sales


Tree Clearance

Tree Management & Forestry Services

Our forestry services include:

  • Woodland creation 

  • Felling & thinning operations

  • Hedge laying

  • Plantation management

  • Harvesting & timber extraction

  • Mulching

  • Sump grinding 

  • Chemical spraying

  • Vegetation clearance

  • Access roads creation and maintenance 

  • Drainage 

  • Brash raking

  • Hinge mounding

  • Arboriculture

Forest Trees
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