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We have heavily invested in specialist machinery, allowing us to complete your works with speed and efficiency, minimising disruption to your site operations. We can service any job - of any scale, domestic or commercial. Our machinery include robotic and tractor led machinery, including a robotic mulcher, making light work of even the steepest of gradients and hard to access land clearing jobs. 

To arrange a no-obligation consultation and/or site visit, get in touch today. 


Tracked Robotic Tool Carier

Our Robotic Mulcher makes light work of even the most difficult access areas or the steepest of land inclines. 

Tracked Dumpers

Our Tracked Dumpers have extremely low ground pressure and move easily over difficult terrain including steep inclines - they are perfectly suited for pond and lake dredging and indeed any site that has boggy conditions.


Crawler Tractor

Our Crawler Tractor runs on tracks instead of wheels so exert a much lower "ground pressure" on the ground that a conventional wheeled vehicle of the same weight making it suitable for use on soft, low friction ground such as mud.

Low  Ground Pressure Excavators 

Our Low Ground Pressure Excavatorsare heavy equipment specifically designed to spread the weight of the machine over a larger area. This allows you to do heavy work in soft, wet and water-logged terrain such as swamps, marshes and wetlands.

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Reverse Drive Forestry Tractor

Our Tractors have a reversible driving position to allow the driver to face either forwards of backwards which is ideal for a wide range of jobs not least operating forestry equipment and making light work of powering a fully-mounted forage harvester.


Our Chipper machine are used for reducing wood (generally tree branches or trunks) into smaller woodchips. Ours are portable, mounted on wheels so are suitable for towing behind a truck making them very versatile... and more importantly the chips can be used to make bio fuel.


LGP Dumpers

Our Dumpers are characterised by their very low ground pressure, they are particularly suitable for working on soft, uneven or sensitive land.

Long Reach Excvators

Our Long Reach Excavators are an important part of the Land and Water tool kit. There are a wide range of projects that would benefit from the use of a long reach excavator including quarrying, waterway dredging and maintenance, deep excavation and railways.


Tractor Implements

A tractor by itself is just another vehicle that can be driven around. To accomplish any given task, the tractor needs an implement and attachment. These implements can be either powered or unpowered machinery. Powered implements derive their power either from the tractor's power take off (PTO), hydraulic and electrical output or by wheel action.

Other Equipment

We have many other pieces of equipment but far too many to mentions so if you have a specific job in mind then contact us and we would be happy to discuss in further detail.

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